Video Gaming

“By The Players. For Everyone.”


Welcome to VGS!

Founded by gamers for everybody to enjoy, we’re more than happy to accommodate anybody, whether you enjoy a brief session of Pokemon Go every now and then, stay up all night raiding, or can play through Dark Souls without taking a single hit, and those who die in the first minute!

This year, we’re allowing YOU to decide what you want to see in our weekly sessions! Feel free to let us know what you want by leaving comments and voting in any polls we put up, and we’ll be sure to supply the rest! We’ll also be hosting occasional tournaments in some of the more popular multiplayer games, with prizes going to the winners! Of course, you’re more than welcome to bring whatever games and consoles you want to in each session too!

We plan on hosting a few special events alongside the aforementioned tournaments too, including a 24-hour long marathon session to help raise money for local charities, and special sessions to celebrate Halloween, the Christmas Break, and E3!

We’re looking forward to including you as part of your lovely family during Freshers, and we hope both your Freshers Week and your year in university both go amazingly!

We’re open to any and all ideas, so feel free to contact us if you have queries of any kind!

Playing games is always a refreshing and fun activity enjoyed on a near-universal level, and it is proven to increase cognitive abilities, so it helps with university study too! It also encourages social interaction and allows communities and friendships to blossom under the common hobby of enjoying a particular series or genre of game.


Meeting Dates

To be confirmed!

Club Principals

President: Lewys Wilson

Vice President: Layton Spencer

Communication Officer: Chris Deighton

Contact Email

President: Lewys Wilson –

Vice President: Layton Spencer –

Communication Officer: Chris Deighton –


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