Swing Dance

Hello, and welcome to Chester Uni Swing Dance society!

It ain’t what you do, its the way that you do it

We are based in the University of Chester and welcome everyone!

The original swing dance from the big band era of the 1920s & ’30s is incredibly popular today.

No experience or partner is needed, simply turn up and learn to swing with optional pubbing after.

The plan is that our classes will tend to cover fun new moves each week and Lindy Hop basics including:
-Basic Musicality
-6 Count
-Basic Footwork in Closed and Open Positions
-Tuck Turns
-Changing Places
-6 count back to Closed
-8 count
-Basic Footwork in Closed Position
-Lindy Circle and Swing Outs
-Side by side Charleston

Throughout the year there will be plenty of opportunities to go on trips such as Manchester Lindy and Leeds Swing Revolution.

Many students that joined the Swing Dance Society in 2015 are now all able to comfortably social dance in Lindy hop and 30’s Charleston. Some of us have gone on a trips to Manchester Lindy, Nottingjam and Durham Swing Festival.

We are a friendly society and learning to dance swing is a great way to meet new people as we have a partner rotation system so everybody dances with everybody.
We also meet up regularly to go to the lovely pubs Chester has to offer.





Meeting Dates

To be confirmed.

Club Principals

President: William Lamb

Vice President: James Horne 

Social Secretary: Mikal Leroy  

Contact Email

Email: Swing Dance Society

President: William Lamb 

Vice President: James Horne 

Social Secretary: Mikal Leroy  


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