CSI Campaigns


CSI Campaigns

This year, Chester Students’ Union will be launching its CSI campaign on a massive scale, hoping for it to be run for years to come!

The 30th of November 2010 was the launch of the CSI campaign with a big action day, we had a stall inside the SU with lots of safety advice and free things provided by our welfare office. The police and fire services and a group of us  have been out on the streets and campus giving free advice on how to keep yourself safe throughout the day!  You may have seen the ridiculous amount of black and yellow balloons in your halls, your street or lecture rooms and buildings, along with the safety hand outs and some free UV markers!

Warrington campus have also had a successful day raising awareness to student safety and crime, the fire brigade put on a very well received demonstration of how to be safe in halls while cooking, and just general living! And the police and Students’ Union staff did their bit, flyering and handing out the balloons!

All in all the day has been brilliant at raising awareness to safety in the community and at home so from CSU can we say a big thanks to all those who helped out and made today such a success!


For more information on CSI contact us on:

Chester Campus,

Chester Students’ Union Vice President – 01244 511574
Chester Students’ Union President – 01244 513398

Warrington Campus,

Chester Students’ Union Vice President – 01925 534375
Students’ Union Welfare Advisor – 01925 534660

Or pop in and see us!

There is another action day in the planning for the nice weather…more windows left open, more oportunity burglaries, we will be out highlighting this fact through out the summer months in force!



keep it locked, keep it shut and keep it safe!