Varsity 2017

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Varsity 2017 will take part away at the University of Salford, with 22 teams battling it out to achieve victory and retain the Varsity Cup. On land and water, our Chester students will do their best, whilst representing their University, to win their event whilst celebrating their time and year with this University.

Varsity represents a sense of pride for this University, with a link to unity, bringing our sports back together for a bigger cause. Supporting each other and representing Chester Students’ Union, we will travel on the morning of Wednesday 22nd March 2017, set up base camp as over 350 Chester students set upon rival grounds. First to represent Chester will be Badminton, with a mix of gendered athletes, Badminton will test their skills as we watch on, poised and eager through anticipation.

Further into the day off-site, Equestrian will test their grace, cantering across the course. As they hit their midway point, Hockey will sweep astroturf, proving teamwork is key within Chester’s ranks, the ladies push first followed by the fellas.

As the day hits full speed, our attention will move to the water as we see blades of smooth fury, power our Rowers along Salford Quays. They will push themselves to their limit to achieve their potential, as will our swimmers as they begin their heats. Like fish they will glide through the water, emerging at the waters break to stare down their opponents.

Both Football and Ultimate Frisbee will take to the floor, ducking, sliding, passing and using their Chester pride to push their opposition, right to the edge of creativity. Indoors we will see Table Tennis, Archery and Fencing, show individual talent rise to the top, we will let those arrows and swords fly straight and true, whilst test the spin of Salford on the ping pong table.

All day long, the sports hall will rise in intensity, from Volleyball, followed by Netball our female teams will battle on, the intensity at full capacity and we reach Basketball, first the women followed by our Focus Game, men’s Basketball. Within this pinnacle game, we will see our champion Cheerleaders take to the floor, high flying and stunting their way through, pushing themselves for perfection with the judges.

Come join us on this journey, as we look to bring our trophy home. It’s round two, away days at Salford this year…. #WeGoAgain