Welcome to the homepage for the University of Chester Pool Society.

Sometimes it’s not about how good you are, but how bad you want it.

This year we will be taking teams to yarmouth for the yearly pool competition as well as having an internal league where you can develop your skills as a player.

We are passionate about our club and we hope you join us and share our passion.

Our second team played extremely well and won the BAR trophy last year at Great Yarmouth. Everyone who attended played their heart out and everyone left feeling like they were a much better player. We also helped inspire several new players to become very well rounded in their game and play to the best of their ability.

This year we hope to take it one stage further. We want to inspire many new players to become the best that they can be and hopefully take home that championship trophy at Great Yarmouth.

We offer a friendly competitive scene that helps develop your skills as a player, but also leaves you feeling like you are a part of a second family.

Meeting Dates

Tuesday evening at 6:00pm at Rileys Chester, until close.

Club Principals

Club Captain: Jason Ashcroft 

Vice Club Captain: Matthew Lockwood

Team Captain: Jason Ashcroft

Social Secretaries: Katie Kiely& Kielan Gwynne

Contact Email

Club Captain: Jason Ashcroft

Team Captain: Jason Ashcroft