Welcome to the homepage for the University of Chester’s Paintball Society.

This year is set to be the best ever with fresh new leadership and new collaborations with sites and other universities!

During the year of 2016/2017 we hope to expand on the successes we had last year in working with local sites to offer the cheapest possible paintball experiences for students. Additionally we aim to continue our close relationships with societies and teams from other universities to further evolve the student paintball network.

This year we’re planning on expanding into the world of tournament paintball in conjunction with the Bangor University Paintball Society(BUPS), aiming to enter a team into the CPPS Student Paintball Cup.

We meet for games of mainly scenario paintball on the first Saturday of every month, with additional sessions being held at special events such as Outpost Paintball’s Boarderlands game and Paintfest, just to name a few.

Paintball is a sport which requires skill, physical endurance and teamwork while producing an adrenaline rush like no other!
It had a community which is incredibly friendly and always keen to encourage and help
new players no matter their experience level.
If you’re an experienced vet, or are completely new to the sport and simply want to give it a go the University of Chester Paintball Society is the place to be!

Meeting Dates

Outpost Paintball hold walk on events the third Sunday of every month – this is open to all. Wednesday afternoon sessions will be arranged dependent upon numbers and training requirements (see facebook page for details).

Club Principals

President: Keith Terrill

Contact Email

President: Keith Terrill –