This is the page for the Chester University Mountaineering Club

The club covers all aspects of mountaineering from rock climbing and winter climbing to walking and running. This description, however, could never do justice to everything the club does and it would be fairer to say that this is a club for people that love the outdoors in general regardless of what the club has functioned as in the past.

We go on trips very regularly all information of which will be provided by e-mail and on here and they range from weekly walks or climbing wall trips to Scotland, Wales and many places further afield.

No experience is needed neither is any gear (the club has a pretty good range of equipment members can borrow) the important thing is that you are having fun in the outdoors.

Hope to see you all on trips soon.



Meeting Dates

Email us for meeting times!

Club Principals

Club Captain: Will White 

Vice Club Captain: Ryan Louder 

Climbing walls: Xavi terry

Weekends: Hannah shaugnessy

Day trips: Eleanor Bletcher

Running: Emma Smith

Social Secretary: Holly Matthews 

Equipment/ Charity: Alison Hartley

Communications Officer: Victoria Mann


Contact Email

E-mail: Mountaineering Society

Club Captain: Will Riddell

Vice Club Captain: Ryan Louder 

Social Secretary: Holly Matthews 

Charity/ Communications Officer: Victoria Mann 


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