Welcome to the University of Chester Labour Society page!

“By the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone”

If you are a Labour Party member or just a supporter that wants to get involved this is the society place for you! We meet regularly, get involved with campaigns, go to national Labour Students events across the country and so much more!

Building on our success’ of 2014/15 where the University of Chester Labour Students played a vital role in winning Cheshire West and Chester Council and the City of Chester Parliamentary for Labour taking them both, against the national trend, from the Tories, we continued to play apart in the local Labour Party. In 2015/16 we continued to help campaign locally with some of our students being heavily involved with the PCC elections that saw Labour win in Cheshire against all the odds! Our involvement in these victories are something we are all very proud of!

As a society in 2015/16 we’ve seen the number of active members increase which has meant that we have been able to do so much more as a society and hope that in 2016/17 we are able to get more members in order to give our society a meaningful campus presence. We also wish to continue our involvement with the National Labour Students Movement by attending their events throughout the year!

Labour Party Members, Supporter or just those who vote Labour should join our society as being in the society where you make meet like minded people and be more involved in the party we all share a passion for!

Joining will mean you will be able to get fully involved with our campaigns, meeting, events etc. And also mean you are able to be more involved with the wider movement in Chester as we are a society that is heavily involved with the local Chester Labour CLP as well as our local MP Chris Matheson who are very support of our society and it’s members and welcome us to their meeting, events, campaign and social events.

Most importantly you should join as it’s fun! We get to go away on fun National Labour Students trips, go out on socials and for a drink down the pub and you will be to meet some amazing people in Chester and from other universities up and down the country!

Meeting Dates

As and when.


Club Principals

President: Ryan Briwnant-Evans 

Vice President: George Smith

Social Secretary: Ellie Bradford 

Campaigns and Fundraising: Bill Armstrong 


Contact Email

President: Ryan Briwnant-Evans 

Vice President: George Smith 

Social Secretary: Ellie Bradford 

Campaigns and Fundraising: Bill Armstrong 


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