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Shaolin Kung Fu is an ancient martial art that was developed thousands of years ago at the temple of Henin in China.
Hung Kuen (meaning ‘Family’ and ‘Fist’) is a style of Shaolin Kung Fu that was developed in Malaysia. There are five animals that Hung Kuen Kung Fu derives its technique from:

The Dragon: develops spirit, close range techniques, evasions and grasping techniques.

The Tiger: develops power, upper attacks and striking pressure points.

The Leopard: develops speed and multiple strikes to the opponent.

The Snake: develops ‘sticking’ (to trap and control opponents) and strikes to soft muscle tissues.

The White Crane: develops deflections, facilitates a variety of blocking techniques and demobilising opponents using pressure points.

Dragon, Tiger and Leopard consists of hard and solid movements. Snake and White Crane consist of soft movements.

Classes are instructed by Master Ang Kee Kong, a 10th Dan black belt and Jonathan Wood, a 2nd Dan black belt.
Beginners are welcome, and please feel free to bring along your university friends!

Kung Fu is only in it’s second year of running, and at the last major competition, we came away with 4 trophies and 19 medals between 8 of us. This was a fantastic achievement. We hope to come back even stronger at the next competition, and that’s why we need YOU!

In this new year, we hope to do even better at the competition, increase membership again, and have even more graded members.

You will be given the option to learn a grading syllabus to achieve a series of belts from yellow to black. This will involve learning ‘forms’, a series of movements to cultivate physical and spiritual development.

We regularly practice sparring and learn self defences techniques. This sport caters to members individuals needs and we ensure that teaching is at your pace to ensue you get the best out if it! 🙂

We also do sparring training and pad work. Students are given the option to train for the annual Hung Kuen tournament held at Middleton Arena, Manchester to compete with forms and/or sparring with other university Hung Kuen Kung Fu groups. There you can win medals, and if you are lucky, the National Hung Kuen trophy.

Meeting Dates

To be confirmed

Club Principals

Club Captain: Georgina Wilson

Vice Club Captain: Jack Dean 

Social Secretaries: Sunny Sheard & Alex Candlin 

Charity Officers: Adam Dobson & Kurt Paterson

Communications Officer: Connor McCrone

Equipment Officer: James Barber 

Contact Email

Club Captain: Georgina Wilson

Vice Club Captain: Jack Dean 

Social Secretaries: Sunny Sheard & Alex Candlin 

Charity Officers: Adam Dobson & Kurt Paterson

Communications Officer: Connor McCrone 

Equipment Officer: James Barber


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