‘Give it a Go’ – 13 January-2 February 2014

Happy New Year and Welcome back!

If you are one of the million people, who have made a New Year resolution to be more active or simply want to get meeting new people and more involved in the extra-curricular side of University life, “Give it a Go” is a great way to do just that!

Whether you’re a Fresher or a returning student – whether you’d like to socialise, try something new, practice your favourite sport or make friends for life –we have the answer!

This year, we want to ensure EVERYONE gets a chance to try new things, the things you have always wanted to try or something completely new!

But with over 90 clubs and societies on offer as well as loads of other activities and opportunities, how will you know what’s for you?

No fear, this is exactly what Give it a Go is about! It’s a three week-long Festival where sports, societies, events and sessions (everything from employability and skills, to volunteering and STUDENT COUNCIL FORUMS) will be opening up their activities to everyone, free of charge*.

Give it a Go week will take place from the 13th January until the 2nd of February 2014. So try your hand at the sport you have always wanted, become involved with our exciting societies or get out there and involved in different programmes and trainings.

Please bear in mind not all clubs participate in Give it a Go week, so if you’re looking for an activity that is not on the schedules please get in touch with the csuca@chester.ac.uk and we’ll point you in the right direction!

REINVENT YOUR SPARE TIME! Take a good look at all the amazing activities on the calendar, enjoy your Give it a Go 3 weeks and don’t forget to have an AMAZING time! [Full schedule to be released soon]

* Some GIAG activities might incur a cost (related to travel, equipment, or entry fees required) which will specified below each activity on the calendar.