Food Hub

Welcome to Food Hub!

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art!

We’re a friendly bunch with a mutual interest in all things food!

If you love food, cooking or eating then join us at our weekly sessions where you’ll have the chance to socialize, cook and eat food from all over the world! Our aim is to encourage students to develop their eating habits and cooking skills by showing how fun and easy it can be. Come show off your skills or learn new ones!

2015/2016 was a great success with the club rising in popularity but next year we hope to gain more members, raise more money for charity and create even more scrummy dishes!

Meeting Dates

To be confirmed.

Club Principals

President: Charlotte Confue

Vice President: Jasmine Bussey

Social Secretaries: Beth Pembleton & David Coningsby

Charity/ Communications Officer: Dominic Burns 


Contact Email

President: Charlotte Confue 

Vice President: Jasmine Bussey 

Social Secretaries: Beth Pembleton & David Coningsby 

Charity/ Communications Officer: Dominic Burns 


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