En garde. Prêt. Allez!

Welcome to the University of Chester Fencing homepage.

This year is set to be packed with activities, entering BUCs for the first time, playing friendly matches with nearby universities for those who wish to compete and charity events like quizzes and fundraising fencing challenges. We train weekly and have regular social events, ranging from nights out to meals or bowling nights.

Last year our club did loads of things to improve and promote our sport. We took part in Varsity and beat all our opponents, which was a massive achievement for our team. Along with various charity events, like the SU quiz night and cake sales, raising more than aimed to achieve the previous year. Our membership also doubled, which helped us get more funding for this coming years budget too. Finally we secured a Western European professional coach to train with us once a week, which dramatically improved our standard. We hope to maintain what last year produced and recreate them in 2016/17, with much more too. Our aim is to increase numbers and secure a good name for our sport in the BUCs tournaments.

Fencing is one of those unusual sports that isn’t really promoted like your generic football or ruby is, which gives it some uniqueness. Most our members joined having no experience, which means we all have a laugh in learning something new. Its a closely knit group of individuals who all contribute something to the team, which is why students should join because its a good way to be included in that uni experience. By joining our sport, students can enjoy a potentially new experience with the enjoyment of good company.

We all love fencing and would hope to see you join our club to enjoy one of Europe’s oldest sports as well!

Meeting Dates

To be confirmed!

Club Principals

Club Captain: Daniel Phillips

Vice Captain: Micheal Donnelly

Communications Officer: Jack Mower

Social Sec: Colum Blackett

Charity Officer: Lucy Barr  & Elizabeth Bletcher

Treasurer: Oli Harrison

Amrourer: James Collins

Contact Email

Club Captain: Daniel Phillips – 1428062@chester.ac.uk

Vice Captain: Micheal Donnelly – 1400274@chester.ac.uk

Communications Officer: Jack Mower – 1505175@chester.ac.uk

Social Sec: Colum Blackett – 1505938@chester.ac.uk

Charity Officer: Lucy Barr 1510432@chester.ac.uk & Elizabeth Bletcher 1402800@chester.ac.uk

Treasurer: Oli Harrison – 1508396@chester.ac.uk

Amrourer: James Collins – 1505077@chester.ac.uk