Entry Policy

The bar

CH1 Policy

1. General Statement of Policy

1.1 Chester Students’ Union (CSU) runs CH1 to generate a surplus that is used to fund membership services within CSU. CHI also offers opportunities of recreation, social interaction, entertainment and refreshment for the benefit of its members, providing a welcoming atmosphere to all its members and guests.

1.2 CH1 is primarily a membership bar, open to CSU members, their guests, University staff and University conference guests.

1.3 This policy sets out who can use the facility and how it will be operated, and should be read in conjunction with CH1’s Premises License and CSU’s Articles of Association and association bye laws such as Health and Safety.

2. Responsibility

2.1 The Bar Manager shall be the Designated Premises Supervisor for CH1, and shall be responsible for day to day operations including entry and temporary suspension of membership.

2.2 Permanent suspension of membership and/or entry, may only be enforced following the completion of the Membership Disciplinary Policy.

3. Members

3.1 Any CSU member, as defined by the CSU Members and Rights Bye Laws, or member of University staff may use the venue.

3.2 The above will be asked to show identification for entry. Any member not carrying such identification may be asked to leave, or be signed in as a guest.

3.3 Members will always be given priority for entry above guests.

4. Guests

4.1 Any full CSU member may sign in up to 2 guests in any 24 hour period.

4.1.1 The member is then responsible for any actions the guests take.

4.1.2 Each guest must pay a £1 entry fee on top of any other charge, per 24 hours.

4.2 NUS card holders from other Universities may enter upon presentation of their membership card without a guest fee, upholding the principles of NUS.

4.3 University of Chester conference guests may use the venue without payment of a guest fee.

4.4 Visiting teams/societies may use CH1 following an activity with CSU clubs/societies without payment of a guest fee.

4.5 The above guest membership privileges may be suspended by the Bar Management in order to ensure CSU members get priority.

5. Door Staff

5.1 The Union shall employ Door Staff when appropriate for the safety and security of all customers and staff.

5.2 The Door Staff may refuse entry or eject anyone from the premises who is in breach of Union policies, on behalf of the Bar Manager.

5.3 A record of all ejections will be kept, and any ejected students will be asked to hand over their University card.

6. Searching

6.1 Door Staff and Bar Management have the right to search any customer and/or their possessions, either when entering the venue or upon any suspicion. This is for the protection of all the staff and customers.

6.2 Any individual refusing to be searched may be refused entry or ejected.

7. Legislation

7.1 CSU will adhere to the Challenge 25 scheme, and as such all customers may be asked for age identification at anytime.

7.2 CSU will request a list of all students under the age of 18 each academic year. This list will be made available to all bar and door staff.

7.3 All staff will receive training on all aspects of Health and Safety and Licensing Laws.

7.4 CH1 shall be an active member of Pubwatch.

8. Drugs

8.1 CSU has a zero tolerance for illegal substances, regardless of their ‘category’ or ‘class’. Any customer found in possession of an illegal substance will be removed from the premises with immediate effect, the police called and membership disciplinary process evoked.

8.2 CSU do not condone the use of any recreational drugs, such as M Cat. Any customer found in possession of such drugs will be removed from the premises with immediate effect.