As you can well imagine, we’re a very passionate bunch here at Debating, and we can only desire that you add to that passion for debate.

We debate a variety of topics, but we certainly don’t aspire to bore the living daylights out of you. Therefore, we make it an absolute prerogative that enjoyment is fulfilled (and that applies to the social activities we do too).

In 2014-15 it was general election year, our top event was the MP hustings (for the City of Chester seat which our university is based in) which was a hit for the society and was well received with a good turnout. But not only was it a fantastic event, we had, presenter, Annabelle Tiffin from BBC North West join us too.

We do genuinely try our absolute best to please everybody who joins us and to feel as welcome and part of the group too.

So do join us in Debating(with links below), and get involved in the shenanigans!

We shall be at the Fresher’s Fair too.


Meeting Dates

To be confirmed!

Club Principals

President: Joe Pattinson

Vice President: James Kelly

Communications Officer: Darta Kaleja



Contact Email

Vice President: James

Communications Officer: Darta


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