Counsellors Community (CHUCC)

Welcome to Chester University’s Counselling Community (CHUCC) homepage.

We are in our second year as a society and already have an enthusiastic and committed membership but are always keen to encourage new members to join our ranks.  We provide a forum for current and past students and staff to meet to discuss a range of topics relevant to counselling.  We are also foster a counselling community which will be invaluable during your studies and beyond.

We hold evening events where we offer a bitesize session from a guest speaker and the opportunity to informally network over tea/coffee with peers within the profession.  Daytime workshops are typically held on a Saturday for a half or whole day and allow us the chance to broaden our knowledge and explore a topic in more depth.

In 2014/2015 we held a number of evening events and 3 weekend events covering a range of subjects.   We were fortunate to have a diverse and impressive list of speakers who provided much food for thought.  Topics included PTSD, Forgiveness, Courage in Therapy, Exploring Shame and Guilt, Competence and Ethical Thinking.    Those attending events receive a certificate to add to their CPD portfolio.

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Meeting Dates

The Society Calendar is to be confirmed!

Club Principals

President: Sandra Munro

Vice President: Colin MacGregor

Communications Officer: Stephen Skippon

Contact Email

President: Sandra Munro – or

Vice President: Colin MacGregor –

Communications Officer: Stephen Skippon –