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Childreach International is a rights based charity that aims to provide all children with the opportunity of fulfilling their full potential in life. So far Childreach International has helped over 700,000 children across the world and there are a range of amazing challenges available to choose from like climbing to Mount Kilimanjaro or Base Camp Everest, trekking the Great Wall of China and many more. We as a society aim to run regular fundraising events from cycling from London to Paris, climbing Mount Snowdon and running marathons to pub crawls, SU events and bag packs. We look to hold as many socials as we can so that each member of the society can get to know everyone before fundraising and going on challenges together.

In 2015/2016 Childreach International has raised £50,000 through the determination of many students taken on the challenge to climb Base Camp Everest or trek the great wall of China. These are 16 days trips where you can emerge yourself in the culture and experiences while knowing you raised a significant amount of money for an amazing charity. Other projects around the country include climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Big Build Morocco, India on two wheels and many more. In 2016/2017 there will be the same incredible chance to take part in our challenges and fundraising event.


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Club Principals

President: Rebekah McMorris

Vice President: Amber Horton

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President: Rebekah McMorris



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