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Refuse & Recycling Collection

You may be aware that the new Waste Collection and Recycling scheme has now been extended to the whole of the Borough. The scheme includes the alternate weekly collections of general waste and garden waste and the weekly collection of recyclables and food waste. The waste is now collected from the pavement at the front of properties. Waste contractors do not collect the waste from the rear of the properties, nor do they enter the front gardens etc to collect the waste.

The waste should be stored in bins at the back of the property as this will help to reduce loss/damage of bins, and will also help keep the front of properties in a tidier condition.

All tenants must adhere to the waste collection rules which are:

  • Waste must be placed out for collection no later than 7am on the day of collection and no sooner than 7pm the night before.
  • If a tenant’s waste is not collected and they have placed it out correctly, they must report it to the council as soon as they can.
  • Waste must be placed at the designated place of collection for their property. If the tenant is unsure they must make the effort to find  out.
  • Waste placed out at incorrect times or at the incorrect location could receive a fixed penalty notice up to the amount of £80.
  • There is no appeal to the fine.
  • Non-payment of the fine will result in prosecution proceedings by the council.

For more information; to check your collection days, order new boxes, to check what can and can’t be collected click on this link: OR download Student’s Recycling Guide.



The most common complaint is that of noisy neighbours. If you have a problem with noisy neighbours, it is advisable to try and resolve the matter informally and be respectful if you are hosting parties/barbeques.