University Housing


University Housing

For many first years, moving into University accommodation can be the first time that you have ever moved away from home. It’s great to be able to enjoy the freedom this offers but please remember that whilst you are living there, other people are living around you so don’t play loud music at night.

General tips for University accommodation

There are some pieces of helpful advice for everyone who moves into University of Chester accommodation:

  • Get to know the people you are living with and respect them.
  • Get to know where you are living, if you’re off campus remember local residents live near by. If you’re on campus remember there are a lot of other students around.
  • Get involved with activies around campus- it will make life more interesting.
  • Log any mainternance issues with the Estates Department as soon as you find them.
  • Get to know your hall warden.

Tips for catered accommodation

  • Find out where you’re supposed to eat on your first day, and get to know people who eat there as well for company.
  • Be prepared to eat food from a set menu or limited range menu.

Tips for self catered accommodation

  • Find the nearest supermarket. There’s a Tesco in the town centre open till 11pm, one on Sealand Road industrial estate open till midnight and a Morrisons on Liverpool Road open till 9 pm.
  • Make sure you’ve got everything you need to cook and eat from. Don’t buy expensive pans and crockery etc, so if it gets damaged its not important.
  • Learn to cook or purchase a student cook book.
  • Work out who’s space is who’s for storing food in the kitchen, and don’t take someone elses food or stuff without asking first.
  • Clean up after yourself, if it’s your mess it’s your responsibility.

If you have problems

If you find you’re having any problems living in University accommodation, talk to your hall warden first. After that speak to the Accommodation Department or ourselves in the Students’ Union.

It’s always possible to apply to move accommodation but you need to have a good reason. You can then apply to be put on the waiting list by the accommodation office.  Call into the accommodation office to complete a transfer form.