Council Tax


Council Tax is payable on every property unless it is exempt from paying it for some reason. Some students may have to pay Council Tax, but most will not have to pay.


Which properties are exempt from Council Tax?

  • University-owned halls of residence.
  • Accommodation in which all the occupiers are full-time students.


Who counts as a full-time student?

  • Registered Undergraduate and Postgraduate students on courses classed as full-time by the University will count as ‘students’.


What if you live with a non-student?

  • If a full-time student lives in the same property as someone who is 18 or over and who is not a full-time student, it means that it is likely Council Tax should be paid.
  • However, full-time students are not usually jointly and severally liable for the Council Tax if someone else is attracting the Council Tax to the property, and they have equal status in the house with the full-time student (i.e. joint tenants).


How does the Council find out that you are a student?

  • You will be issued with Council Tax Exemption Certificate by the University which you must pass onto your landlord.


How much is Council Tax?

  • The amount of Council Tax charged by the local council depends on various factors including the value of the property compared to other dwellings in the area; whether a discount is available; whether the liable person can claim Council Tax Benefit and whether any other reductions apply.
  • A discount of 25% applies if there is only one person resident in a property where council tax needs to be paid. When working out the number of residents in a property certain people are disregarded, including full-time students.



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